Mauricio Minila

I start to work when i was very young; I developed  my skills  in service companies , i got specialized in  marketing and sales.

I studied business management, in  the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM).  Since i was a kid i always wanted  to live in a beach área, this is why i moved to Cabo. I son as i got here i fell in love of what i saw , what i felt and what i lived ; I was really sorprised by the hospitality that was given to me: I got a job and where to live just hours after arriving.

Since then i have had direct contact with a “high level turisim”, i got familiar with them on the restaurants business, this took me to start manage properties. I have been a Property Manager of a few Villas, some of those over  $7 and $10 Mdlls. I was in charge not only of the properties, also of the whole vacation experince of the rental guests, i have served hundreds of  familes from diferent part of the world. I have learn in detail all  their needs and expectations when they come to visit us.


Im stil in love of this beautiful place; my family and i are passionate of surfing, MTB, fishing and camping. I really enjoy to  ride my dirt bike thru the desert or the mountains, just like travel in motorcycle and explore the Baja. 

Because of this i have a great commitment to this place and my comunity, thats why a have  organized cleaning brigades on beaches and “arroyos”, just like the production of fundrasing events to preserve protected áreas. Im as well a co-founder of civil association to help to keep the law and order in my neighborhood. I like to help to raise awareness in the population to have a better social culture.


“Living and developing my self in this Paradise has been a dream come true

…i could help you to build yours”

624 159 5695

+Mauricio is a real estate agent apprentice, his license is pending.