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Hi, I'm Marco Klein.


I arrived in Los Cabos when I was 14 years old, when my father had been summoned to direct the opening of the Hotel Presidente in San Jose del Cabo.

With barely 10,000 inhabitants, you could breathe the village atmosphere. Cars stopped at corners for pedestrians to pass and food purchases had to be made in different places in order to complete the list.

As a child I understood that to enjoy life here, you had to love the beach and the mountains, with all that this entails. I also learned how to take advantage of our strong waves on a surfboard. Which became one of my passions, which I still practice every dawn, as it allows me to start the day focused and organize my activities well. I also learned how to avoid thorns, jellyfish and how to get my vehicle out when it got stuck on soft sand roads.

At the age of 19 I went to Guadalajara to study a degree in Graphic Design at UAG and upon graduation I decided to return to Cabo. Together with my wife Rosaura Rodríguez, a professional photographer, we wanted to see our children grow up in Los Cabos. It was 1996 when we opened the first Internet Server in the region "1º.Cabonet", we also opened an advertising agency.

Upon my return I confirmed that Los Cabos is a wonderful place to live and I wanted to be a Host of the place I saw growing up. There are many attractions in this area. Some would say that it is because of the perfect climate, the warm waters and the privileged beaches; others argue that it is the abundance of outdoor activities or the family atmosphere, are some aspects to consider. What is certain is that it is strategically located two hours away from California, it is one of the safest places in Mexico and it is an area that makes sense to invest.

This is how I became an independent Real Estate Broker, which allows me, unlike a sales agent, to show any option without prejudice. I can suggest based on the client's need, without preference for my utility. There is so much to do in Los Cabos to waste time looking at properties that are not what you are looking for!

Since then I have not stopped working: 267 houses and 147 condominiums and 85 commercial lots by June 2021.

Would you like me to make my experience and relationships available to you, to help you find what you are looking for in Los Cabos?  I'm here.