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Bienes Raices en Los Cabos

Let me tell you why this is the best investment opportunity of the moment in residential mixed planned community.


Know who you will make your next investment with.

Hi, I'm Marco Klein. 

I arrived at Los Cabos when I was 14 years old with only 10 thousand inhabitants.I quickly understood that you have to love the beach and the mountains to enjoy life here, whatever it takes.  The perfect climate all year round, the privileged beaches,  the large amount of outdoor activities for the family, the strategic location and security, are some of the reasons that make it sense to invest and come to Los Cabos. 

I wanted to be the host of the place I had seen grow up  and that's  That's how I became an independent Real Estate Broker, which allows me, despite being a sales agent, to show any option. I can make suggestions based on the client's need, without preference for my utility.


The buying or selling real estate process can be very complex.


My clients choose me because I can offer them clarity on every step of the process, first-hand opportunities with a lot of surplus value. They trust me as someone with understanding on the urban development plan and the life in Los Cabos.


They are people who share my ethics, who value their time as well as a cordial treatment. Likewise, they appreciate the statistical knowledge of valuation I give them to make their decision and the time I give to each one.


Are you one of them? Tell me what you need.


Marco is intelligent and very confident, discreet and professionaL

M & R is an excellent promoter, his experience in the field of Real Estate Marketing and especially in the Tourism area allows him to take great challenges and responsibilities in this area. He is an organized person, with a clear business vision and an excellent

entrepreneurial spirit.

It is an honest, sincere, enthusiastic company, it likes to take transparent operations, step by step, and well focused.

Especially super professional and responsible.

Highly recommended

- Angel Salvador Ceceña

Mexico Senator

- Arq Gabriel Sánchez

- Felipe Santander

Cabo San Lucas

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

My clients come back again and again. Why? Because I share my earnings.

- If you have already bought me and you buy me again, you earn 30% of the commission.

- If you have already bought me and you are referring a friend, you earn 30% of the commission.

- If you have never bought me but you can refer me to someone who does, you earn 30% of the commission.


For having referred a client, you will take $300 of every $ 1,000 that we earn from the sales commission, from the part you referred, either the buyer or the seller, free of taxes (re-sale properties).


It's as easy as that.  Transparent.

You will fill out a simple form to refer and you will be aware of all the steps of the process in your email, until the operation is resolved and you receive your part.

Do you want to refer clients to M&R? Subscribe here and I will send you more information.


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For Sale

For Rent

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Throughout my years of experience I have acquired the ability to advise developers and guide them throughout their investment process in Los Cabos.


From choosing the land to the final sale of a mixed development, whether residential or commercial.


I will be involved in the whole process, from the setting up of work groups, planning, policies and processes.

Are you a developer? Here I am to help you.


(+52) 624-123-4184

Av Centenario 1121 Local 2 - Col Centro, San Jose Del Cabo

Baja California Sur - México

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